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Who we are

Established over a decade ago, Health Infrastructure oversees the planning, design, procurement and construction of health capital works in NSW. We are a diverse and complex arm of NSW Health, bringing together experts in health planning, architecture, engineering, building, town planning, construction, surveying, assets, communications and change management.

The NSW Government has committed $10.8 billion  over the next four years to 2024  for health infrastructure investment. With over 110 projects underway across metro and regional NSW, Health Infrastructure is managing Australia’s largest portfolio of health capital works.

But from start to finish, we do more than just build hospitals.

We communicate with our stakeholders. Ensuring we are delivering contemporary and appropriate facilities means we need to involve a wide range of people and groups in the planning and delivery process.

We create relationships between NSW Health, the Local Health Districts, local Government, the private sector and the community.

We contribute longer term benefits to the community. If you think about it, describing hospitals as infrastructure doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Investment in public health infrastructure leads to so much more - including the creation of jobs, increased opportunities for local businesses and a healthier workforce overall.
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