About Us

The provision of healthcare is in a constant process of upgrade and renewal.

We help meet New South Wales' health needs by managing the planning, design and delivery of health infrastructure capital works. We do so by uniting the skills and resources of the construction and health industries to deliver world-class infrastructure and healthcare services to the people of New South Wales.

Innovation and sustainability are more than goals to us: they’re vital elements of our strategy to deliver long-term value for all stakeholders and the wider community.

Managing our public healthcare infrastructure

The 2016-17 NSW public health system Budget is $20.6 billion for health services plus $1.6 billion for health infrastructure. Over 111,000 people keep the system running, which includes more than 230 public hospitals caring for over 1.8 million patients hospitalised annually.

Health Infrastructure manages Australia’s largest portfolio of Health capital works projects, totalling $5 billion with over $800 million spent last financial year.

NSW Health Organisation Chart

Our role at Health Infrastructure

There are four main elements to what Health Infrastructure provides:

Advisory and Strategic Planning

We advise on project and capital allocation planning, business case development, and whole of government strategic planning.

Project Development

We undertake development of options and construct business cases, provide technical advice and facilitate consultation with a wide range of stakeholders.

Contract Management & Procurement Services

We develop the project management plan, supervise the tender and contract process, evaluate tenders and monitor contractor performance.


We manage construction, acceptance testing, change management and facility commissioning.

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