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Asset Management

NSW Health is working to establish a state-wide asset management framework that is fit for purpose, sustainable, adaptable and optimises assets for the provision of health services to patients and communities. 
Health Infrastructure is leading the creation of the framework in partnership with Ministry of Health, Local Health Districts and other health entities, such as eHealth and HealthShare. 
Our aim is to shift the focus to a whole of life view of acquiring, operating, maintaining and disposing of healthcare assets - from building hospitals and health facilities to sustaining hospitals and health facilities. This way, we can help ensure NSW Health improves asset performance and, therefore, health outcomes for the people of NSW. 
To achieve this new focus we are embedding environmental, social and financial sustainability requirements into the planning, design, delivery and management of our assets. This will ensure we achieve our commitments against the NSW Government’s sustainability targets and our assets are resilient to the changing operating environment.
Concurrently we are working towards achieving compliance with NSW Treasury’s Asset Management Policy for the NSW Public Sector by June 2024. The policy aims to improve asset management through strengthening accountability, performance, and capability across the public sector.
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