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The NSW Government can only achieve its infrastructure objectives by working in partnership with the private sector. This depends not just on positive relationships between the public and private sector, but also on a capable field of construction firms, sub-contractors and suppliers.
In the wake of unprecedented health capital investment in NSW in recent years, Health Infrastructure has built up positive and long-term relationships with industry, with public and private jointly engaged in the delivery of critical health care infrastructure and services.
You can review a list of projects here.
HI is committed to improving the working relationship between government and industry, and is championing integrated project teams as a means through which to promote collaboration and ensure the best possible outcomes for the project and the community. We are also looking at ways to improve industry understanding of government policies, practices and processes, including the GC21 contract, our approach to BIM and the standards we set for workplace safety, diversity and inclusion.
For this reason and other reasons, HI is proudly leading the charge on the implementation of the NSW Government Action Plan: A Ten Point Commitment to the Construction Sector. Launched by the Premier in May 2018, the plan has been developed by the Government’s Construction Leadership Group (CLG) and is endorsed by its member agencies.
The CLG recognises that successfully delivering our mandate depends on the capacity and capability of the construction sector, and member agencies have jointly committed to a range of steps to help improve the capability and capacity of the construction sector.
The Action Plan covers all Government-procured construction and is designed to:
  • Encourage an increase in the “supply side” capacity of the sector to meet future demand.
  • Reduce industry’s costs and “down-time” by making Government procurement processes more efficient.
  • Develop the skills, capability and capacity of the construction industry’s workforce.
  • Encourage culture change and greater diversity in the construction sector and its suppliers.
  • Foster partnership and collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive innovation in the NSW construction sector
 HI will play a key role in implementing the action plan, and will continue to develop new tools and resources to assist our industry stakeholders. This includes our annual Health Infrastructure Industry Briefing, access to our Knowledge Library and frequent updates and connections via LinkedIn.

Health Infrastructure Construction Services Contractor Procurement List 

Health Infrastructure invites expressions of interest for Health Infrastructure's Construction Services Contractor Procurement List.

The Health Infrastructure Construction Services Contractor Procurement List covers construction and related works requirements, with estimated values of over $9 million for major health capital work projects across NSW.

Please note: Prequalification of a contractor does not extend to related, associated or subsidiary business entities owned or controlled by the contractor or its joint ventures to which the contractor is a party.

How to apply

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) are invited from contractors with the appropriate culture, experience, capability and capacity to provide construction services to support the delivery of projects managed by Health Infrastructure.  

Expressions of Interest can be submitted from 1 November 2020 onwards.

Contractors can apply for, and access further information on, the Conditions for Application for this EOI on the NSW Government’s eTendering website here.
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