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Latest designs for Finley Health Service Redevelopment unveiled

The latest designs for the Finley Health Service Redevelopment have been unveiled, providing the community with a new look at the improved health facilities set to deliver enhanced experiences for patients, staff, and visitors.  

Feedback from health professionals, staff, patients, and the local Aboriginal community has significantly shaped the hospital design, ensuring it meets the unique health needs of the region.  

The NSW Government has committed $25 million to upgrade clinical services, including an expanded inpatient unit, a new main entrance, and better external spaces.  

The redevelopment plans also feature an expanded reception, new inpatient rooms, a relocated medical imaging unit, an ultrasound service, improved staff facilities and significant enhancements to the Emergency Department (ED).  

The ED upgrades will see improved layouts to boost safety and efficiency, including direct access from the reception and specialised areas for mental health assessments and infectious diseases.  

The existing services, such as palliative care, acute and sub-acute care, along with community and allied health services, will continue, augmented by telehealth and specialty services on referral.  

Additionally, as part of a $45.3 million investment in key worker accommodation, six new units will be built on-site to provide housing for local and visiting health workers, aiding in staff attraction and retention in rural areas.  

Construction is expected to start later this year, with community members invited to learn more at an upcoming information session at Finley Health Service. 

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