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Asset Management

When we think of building hospitals, we tend to think about in terms of the walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. But have you ever stopped to think about everything in between?

A hospital’s assets are what makes it tick on the inside. It includes everything from lifts and air-conditioning systems, to medical equipment and research stations, right down to taps and power points.

Health Infrastructure’s aptly named Asset Management team takes a whole-of-life, strategic view of our hospitals’ assets. They work with the Local Health Districts, specialty networks and health services to achieve fit for purpose, safe and optimised assets to deliver excellence in health care to patients and communities.

Put simply, they look at what assets a hospital has, how well those assets are performing and what needs to be done to ensure they are maintained, renewed or replaced, across the whole lifecycle of a hospital.

One of their biggest undertakings at the moment include the Asset Refurbishment and Replacement Program and Asset and Facilities Management Online Implementation project. The Asset Refurbishment and Replacement Program is a $500 million 10-year initiative that provides funding for maintenance, critical repairs and workplace health and safety. To date, the Program has funded over 670 projects in health facilities across the State. Asset and Facilities Management Online (AFMO) is NSW Health’s prescribed asset information management system. Our Asset Management team is responsible for rolling out the platform and assisting Local Health Districts to implement it at their sites. This technology enables data-driven asset management, so we can make smart decisions when we build new hospitals, ensuring we have the right asset in the right place, at the right time.
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