Our objectives

We work to meet New South Wales' ever-evolving healthcare needs by making sure health infrastructure is delivered on time and on budget. This means working closely with Local Health Districts across New South Wales, providing relevant advice and guidance to help them serve the local population's specific needs.

We specialise in:

  • Delivering fit for purpose healthcare facilities
  • Ensuring value for money via innovative procurement methods
  • Long-term master planning for health campuses
  • Community consultation and stakeholder engagement across our projects and programs
  • Economic appraisals and risk mitigation.

Engaging with key stakeholders and partners

Communication and consultation is vital to all Health Infrastructure projects. A shared, clear understanding of the vision and objectives of a project always delivers better results.

To achieve this goal, we engage with everyone from Local Health Districts, clinicians/doctors, nurses, healthcare workers and the people who live there. It's the best way to understand and respond to the issues that matter to our communities whether we're building a regional hospital or a local clinic.

We understand the importance of our inter-agency relationships. So we start engaging with our partners and government organisations at the very start of our planning and delivery process.

Our organisation encourages stakeholder relationships in order to deliver a successful program.

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