Why work for Health Infrastructure?

A message from our CEO

Here at Health Infrastructure, we help meet our State’s health needs by managing the planning, design and delivery of health infrastructure capital works.

But this is no ordinary bricks and mortar business.

Due to their purpose, delivering facilities to house world-class healthcare services is inherently more complex than nearly any other infrastructure business.

On top of this, our projects are often delivered on existing hospital sites that must continue to operate throughout the redevelopment, requiring meticulous planning and staging.

Health Infrastructure is also accountable for extensive stakeholder engagement in order to facilitate these projects – adding another layer of complexity. To deliver our mandate, we must successfully engage with a myriad of stakeholders, including our Government and industry partners, patients, hospital staff, local communities, landowners, the media and taxpayers – often with competing interests.

Our Vision is ‘Together we will deliver future focused outcomes for the health system’. Capital investment is not separable from service delivery and health capital projects are frequently used as a catalyst for driving significant operational and model of care changes. Out projects improve timeliness and quality of care, and reduce the length of hospital stay and waiting times. Every day, our people come to work to deliver better outcomes for the health system – and ultimately for patients.

But the lives of patients aren’t the only lives we touch. We require contractors engaged on our projects to meet or exceed minimum targets for training management, apprenticeships, Aboriginal participation and local industry jobs.

Our impact extends beyond the individual. It can be measured at the community, city and economy-wide level. In rural areas our projects will often represent the largest single investment and building project in a community, with significant local social and economic impact. In Metropolitan Sydney, our precinct projects are of a city-shaping scale, altering the distribution of jobs and the function of the city for generations to come.

It’s a great time to be joining HI.

In June last year, Health Infrastructure’s forward project pipeline reached the $10 billon mark, with the 2017-18 NSW Budget adding 27 new projects to our books. This is a remarkable opportunity to continue to innovate, refine our craft, and focus on excellence.

To setup for this rapid growth, we are making a number of important improvements across our business, including to processes, systems, structure and, most importantly, culture. Our people are central to our success and that’s why at HI we have focused on improving engagement for all of our people, building a great place to work, and creating an even better environment to achieve our Vision.

We welcome passionate and energetic people to join our collaborative, open, respectful and empowering organisation that is working to change NSW for the better. Together we will deliver future focused outcomes for the health system.

Sam Sangster, Chief Executive

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