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Building a hospital quite literally takes a village. Or in this case a village, town, suburb or city. With each project tailored to the district, talking to the community about what they want and need is a vital part of the planning and delivery process.

There are many ways through we ensure residents and groups inform us and vice versa throughout the project. This includes community information sessions, project displays in hospitals and shopping centres, regular updates to project and district websites, letter-box drops to our neighbours, advertisements in local newspapers and radio programs and regular e-newsletters.

We work with local members, councils and community groups to share project information and updates including construction noise, road closures and other temporary impacts. We also plan open days, tours and official openings.

Some of our projects get a little more creative, inviting the community to submit artworks and photographs to adorn the walls and make them a little more vibrant and welcoming. We also commission meaningful murals and sculptures to represent the local spirit and history.

Multiculturalism and diversity is often at the heart of what we do, and we take great pride in recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through Smoking Ceremonies, Welcome to Country rites and artworks to connect the hospital to the land and its stories.
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