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Project 5: A weekend for every worker

Health Infrastructure is working with industry and Government to drive meaningful cultural change and a healthier, safer and more sustainable construction sector. 

In partnership with Health Infrastructure and construction contractor Roberts Co, a research study by the Australian Human Rights Institute at UNSW Sydney has highlighted the success of a Monday to Friday work week to improve the health and wellbeing of construction workers. 

‘Project 5: A weekend for every worker’ examined the potential impacts and benefits to workers at the $341 million Concord Hospital Redevelopment, which trialed a Monday-Friday work week and opened to patients on time and on budget.  

The two-year study’s findings demonstrate the success of providing a weekend for workers in the construction industry and the positive social benefits of innovating as a sector to improve work/life balance while ensuring the economic viability in delivering our projects.  

Health Infrastructure has updated its tender assessment criteria to drive positive wellbeing outcomes across our programs, as we deliver the NSW Government’s record $10.8 billion investment in health infrastructure to 2024-25, Australia’s largest portfolio of health capital works.  

We’re encouraging industry to put forward innovative safety and wellbeing initiatives in their tender submissions so that together we may attract and retain people to the sector, enhance workforce diversity and safety, and improve the sector’s long-term sustainability. 

The ‘Project 5: A weekend for every worker’ research project was commissioned by Health Infrastructure and Roberts Co.   

Key report findings: 

  • 75 per cent of workers preferred a five-day work week over a six or seven-day work week  

  • 78 per cent of workers reported improvement in work-life balance 

  • Workers reported an increase in all areas of job satisfaction including work hours, pay, job security, family and work relationships   

  • A decreasing trend in injury rates was evident  

  • No increase in variable costs to deliver projects with a five-day work week. 

View a copy of the full Report and Report’s Executive Summary via the images below.


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