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Health Infrastructure has responsibility for delivery of a number of statewide programs, where a single initiative is delivered in a number of locations across NSW.
These include:
  • $700 million Statewide Mental Health Infrastructure Program (SWMHIP) - supporting the delivery of mental health infrastructure reform in NSW
  • $232 million Rural Ambulance Infrastructure Reconfiguration (RAIR) Stage 1 and Stage 2 programs - providing local paramedics with modern, fit-for-purpose infrastructure to better meet the emergency medical care needs of communities in regional and rural NSW
  • $184 million Sydney Ambulance Metropolitan Infrastructure Strategy (SAMIS) -  reshaping NSW Ambulance’s operations in metropolitan Sydney, transforming the majority of the existing 43 ambulance stations into a network of superstations, supported by smaller, standby stations called paramedic response points.
  • $100 million HealthOne program -  delivering infrastructure and technology solutions to improve access to primary integrated healthcare services in 20 communities across NSW
  • $615.5 million Ambulance Infrastructure Program -  delivering 30 new ambulance stations across NSW to provide local paramdeics with modern, fit-for-purpose infrastructure. 
  •  $45.3 million Key Worker Accomodation - planning to deliver modern, sustainable accommodation for health workers in Far West, Murrumbidgee, and Southern NSW Local Health Districts, as part of the $500 million funding boost for rural health projects.
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