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Aboriginal artefacts uncovered at Griffith Base Hospital presented to local Aboriginal Land Council

Thursday 17 March 2022

Thousands of culturally significant Aboriginal stone artefacts discovered at the site of the $250 million Griffith Base Hospital redevelopment have been presented to Griffith Local Aboriginal Land Council. 

The artefacts were uncovered during archaeological investigations as part of planning for hospital redevelopment. An initial archaeological exploration located 271 stone artefacts in May 2020, and a subsequent operation in November 2020 led to the discovery of over 3,000 artefacts. 

The artefacts were mostly found in gravels believed to have been brought to the health campus for landscaping activities in previous years. 

The hospital redevelopment will deliver Griffith and the surrounding community enhanced health services and state of the art facilities. 

Last month ADCO Constructions was appointed principal contractor for the new Clinical Services Building.  

Construction of the new hospital is expected to start in the coming months and be completed in 2025, before services are transferred over and the new facility is operational. 

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