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What spaces are needed to support clinical care? 

The updated Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG) standard components for support spaces and patient areas have the answers.  

Clinical support and patient support spaces are found across all health care facilities such as patient and visitor lounge areas, linen bays, meal trolley bays and storage spaces.  

The updated guidance supports planning and design of these spaces to reflect contemporary operational models and design requirements, informed by consultation with clinical and technical experts from across Australia and New Zealand,  

Updated Clinical Support Standard Components (patient spaces) include:  

  • Beverage bay  
  • Patient dining   
  • Patient/visitor lounge – 10m2 and 20m2  

Updated Standard Components (Support Spaces) include:   

  • Linen bay   
  • Meal Trolley bay  
  • Disposal Room, 10m2 and 15m2  
  • Bulk store  
  • Cleaner store   

For more information: Content Update: Standard Components for Maternity and Clinical Support  | AusHFG (  

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