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Hard Work Knows No Gender

Health Infrastructure (HI) is proud to support the NSW Government’s Hard Work Knows No Gender campaign, which seeks to raise awareness and promote the benefits of greater gender diversity in construction trade and non-traditional roles, such as a plumbing, electrics, carpentry, engineering and project management.
HI is committed to building awareness of the benefits of gender diversity in construction across all levels of the industry. The Hard Work Knows No Gender campaign is rolling out across construction sites in NSW with hospital redevelopment projects playing a lead role. 

In our experience, gender diversity in construction has many benefits including:
  • improving worksite culture and encouraging safer, less aggressive behaviours
  • promoting fresh ideas and new perspectives to help keep the industry innovative
  • helping to alleviate skill shortages, which is critically important as we face an estimated shortfall of 229,000 workers nationally
The campaign directly engages site managers and workers at HI sites and aims to increase awareness about the benefits of greater gender diversity in construction and holds significant value in achieving this goal.

Lizzie Cox is one of many talented women working on Health Infrastructure projects to build the NSW’s Government’s pipeline of new and upgraded health facilities.

As the Project Director of all John Holland Health Infrastructure projects, including the Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 (SCH1) and Minderoo Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre (MCCCC), Lizzie is passionate about working in construction with a diverse range of people. 

“Having been closely involved in recent research into worksite culture, I’ve seen the evidence behind diversity as a driver of innovative thinking, new systems processes and improved site behaviours,” Lizzie said.
“The SCH1/MCCCC currently boasts 13 per cent women in non-traditional roles and two per cent women in trade roles, which is a great start as onsite works begin to ramp up and specialist trade opportunities expand.”

Health Infrastructure is an active supporter of the NSW Government's Women in Construction program and has a variety of initiatives in place to attract, upskill and retain women on HI projects.

Visit the Women in Construction website to find resources on how you can promote gender diversity in the workplace.
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