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Updates to AusHFG guidance for Cardiac Care Units

Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG) to support planning and design of Cardiac Care Units (CCU) have been updated to reflect contemporary clinical and operational requirements.
Informed by extensive consultation with clinical, operational and technical experts from across Australia and New Zealand, key changes to the guidelines include:
  • Updated information relating to contemporary models of care, common cardiac diagnosis managed within CCUs and anticipated future trends.  
  • Inclusion of key considerations for bedside monitoring and telemetry, including new technologies.
  • Updated information relating to dialysis requirements.  
  • Enhanced information relating to information, communications and technology requirements.
  • Updated information relating to interior design strategies to improve the patient and staff experience.
  • General updates to the schedule of accommodation (SOA) to reflect contemporary practice, benchmarking to recently delivered facilities, and the associated revised standard components.
  • Adjustments to the SOA including provision of a negative pressure isolation room, optional procedure room and point of care testing bay, and updates to the CCU staff station to ensure sufficient space for central monitors, printing devices and accessories.
  • Update to the guideline title to avoid confusion with HPU 170 Cardiac Investigations Unit.
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