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Our updated Health Infrastructure Knowledge Library is now here

Health Infrastructure’s Development and Innovation team in conjunction with the ICT team have been hard at work creating a new and improved Knowledge Library.
Available on the Health Infrastructure website from 27 August, the library will act as the go to place for all of our partners and consultants to access a range of documentation – such as Design Guidance Notes (DGNs), forms, templates and lessons learned from completed projects.
“Our Knowledge Library brings smart functionality to your fingertips. A simple and self-serve online library where you can find the latest templates, DGN’s and more, organized in a simple-to-use, single location” said Director of Innovation at Health Infrastructure, Benjamin Cohen.
Any of our partners can get access to the Knowledge Library database through creating an account on the Health Infrastructure website. Once an account has been approved, they can then login whenever and wherever they want.
The Knowledge Library has been optimised for a range of devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobiles, making it great for on-the-go access or for quickly downloading specific documents when in a meeting.
“In our fast paced and dynamic project environment, we needed an intuitive system that housed our knowledge, aligned to business process and terminology, to ensure everyone can access it via the Internet.  ” Mr Cohen said.
For further information or to subscribe to the new Knowledge Library, please contact the team through the Enquire form on our website.
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