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NSW seeks partners to upscale bio-tech facility

Monday 31 January 2022

NSW will leverage its world-class cell and gene therapy expertise to establish Australia’s first commercial-scale viral vector manufacturing facility and seeking industry expertise and capital to co-invest in the Westmead-based facility. 

The current pilot viral vector manufacturing facility located at the Westmead Health and Innovation District will expand from 25 litre to 550 litres, helping to address the growing demand for viral vectors.

Expanding the capacity of the facility will ensure Australians have faster access to next generation medical treatments that will save and improve lives and will help address the global demand in gene and cell therapies in Australia, the broader Asia-Pacific and global markets. 

Viral vectors are a key component of many gene therapies and have been in use since the 1970s. They are increasingly being used in therapeutic and preventative health interventions, including vaccines. 

NSW is a globally recognised leader in developing and delivering gene and cell therapies and upscaling the viral vector manufacturing will keep NSW at the forefront of this industry.

The expanded viral vector manufacturing facility will provide ground-breaking trial therapies for infections, cancer, and genetic diseases. 

In Australia, there are over two million people living with a genetic disease. Local production will increase research trials and increase treatment options for patients across the country.

Westmead Health and Innovation District is a recognised hub for innovative research and this facility will boost jobs for NSW and provide access to new ground-breaking therapies and treatments.

Health Infrastructure is working with Investment NSW to expand capacity, infrastructure and attract investment partners to the world leading facility.

Expressions of Interest for co-investment have commenced. To register your interest contact or visit our Viral Vector Manufacturing Facility project page

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