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Chief Executive Rebecca Wark presents at Design Guide for Health forum

Health Infrastructure’s (HI) Chief Executive, Rebecca Wark, presented at the Design Guide for Health industry forum 2023, hosted by Government Architects NSW (GANSW) 

Over 500 stakeholders participated in the virtual forum to hear industry experts reflect on their shared aspirations and key components of the new Design Guide for Health: Spaces, Places and Precincts.  

The design guide shares HI’s vision to deliver future focused, innovative and sustainable health infrastructure to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the NSW community. 

Design is about ensuring health facilities are healthy spaces – functionally, socially and environmentally. Getting this right means we can enhance healing and clinical services, as well as provide supportive environments for staff and the community. 

Well-designed facilities can reduce health disparities and inequalities by consciously reaching out to vulnerable populations and extending culturally sensitive care. 

When health facilities are designed with community front-of-mind, they can reduce health issues and transform spaces beyond clinical treatment. For example, including gardens and landscaping as places for respite and exercise. 

Developed as a collaboration between Government Architect NSW and Health Infrastructure, the guide will assist NSW Health and project stakeholders to develop a comprehensive place-based approach to the planning, design and provision of health facilities.

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