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Artist's impression showcases designs of new Wentworth Health Service

A new artist’s impression showcases the latest designs for the new Wentworth Health Service, which will help transform healthcare in the Far West NSW region. 

The latest design offers a look at the proposed family and dining room, which will overlook the Darling River to create a therapeutic and welcoming space that supports the wellbeing of patients and visitors. 

The redevelopment also includes a palliative care suite, which includes an inpatient room with a private terrace and an adjacent family lounge, and also shares views of the river to support the wellbeing and comfort of patients. 

The latest design includes a dedicated space for families next to the urgent care centre, which opens to a shared central courtyard. There will also be a gym with access to the outdoor courtyard for occupational therapy patients. 

The new hospital is being built next to the existing hospital and raised above the flood levy to maximise views over the Darling River, with a strong focus on Connection to Country.  

Once the new hospital is fully operational, the existing hospital will be demolished. This will enable the construction of a new ambulance drop-off bay, and further landscaped areas for patients and their families. 

The community is being encouraged to give its feedback about the latest designs for the purpose-built facility. 

For details about the project and to provide feedback about the Schematic Design please visit or email

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