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Health Infrastructure CE appointed as CEO of the new Western City and Aerotropolis Authority

It is with a great pride, tinged with some sadness, that we announce our Chief Executive, Sam Sangster, has been appointed the inaugural CEO of the new Western City and Aerotropolis Authority.
Since joining Health Infrastructure in 2013, Sam has transformed the business into the outstanding infrastructure delivery agency we know today. Most importantly, Sam has led a significant program of strategic change and people-centric leadership for the organisation.
The significant growth trajectory of our business is in no small part because of Sam’s tireless work on behalf of the organisation:
• Growing the project pipeline from $3.2b to $14.4b
• Seeing annual project spend growing from $332m to $1.8b in 2018-19
• Significant growth in the business from approximately 80 people to more than 200 today
Sam has led the completion of approximately 80 projects, including 59 hospital projects, 16 ambulance projects and more than 10,000 car parks. Our business also has a solid pipeline of future work, with numerous business cases completed last year, and even more business cases on track for completion this year.
We congratulate Sam on his new role, and wish him every success in growing and developing a vital part of Sydney.

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