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Teamwork award for sector wellbeing intiative

Project 5, a partnership with Health Infrastructure and construction contractor Roberts Co, has won the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Team Innovation Award for 2022.

NAWIC Awards showcase the achievements and industry advancements of women, men and organisations in the construction industry. 

Project 5 is a research study by the Australian Human Rights Institute at UNSW Sydney that highlighted the success of a five day work week to improve the health and wellbeing of construction workers.

The two-year study’s findings demonstrate the success of providing a weekend for workers in the construction industry and the positive social benefits of innovating as a sector to improve work/life balance while ensuring the economic viability in delivering our projects.

Following success of the pilot, the five day work week is being implemented across a range of Health Infrastructure projects including the Liverpool Health & Academic Precinct, Randwick’s Sydney Children’s Hospital Stage 1 / Minderoo Children’s Comprehensive Cancer and Concord’s car parking project.

Congratulations to everyone involved in delivering a leading project driving cultural change in the construction sector.

Find out more about Project 5 finding here.

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