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Refurbished units at Westmead offer a home away from home for patients and carers

In a move to enhance patient and carer experience, 28 refurbished units have opened at the Westmead Accommodation Complex.

The complex aims to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment, serving as a home away from home for people receiving treatment at local hospital facilities, and their families.

Located just a 10-minute walk from Westmead Hospital, the units feature new kitchens, appliances, carpet, TVs, and furniture, along with refreshed bathrooms and laundries.
While the complex retains its distinctive 1970s architecture, the interiors have been updated with soft, calming colours and modern amenities.
The refurbishment presented logistical challenges, as the units are spread across different buildings within a tree-filled complex. Despite this, the project managed to limit the impact on existing residents.
The focus was on ground-floor units, and at peak times, up to 50 construction workers were working across the site to ensure timely completion.
The new units replace Casuarina Lodge and provide subsidised short-term accommodation for patients and their families who generally reside more than 100 kilometres from Sydney and are receiving treatment at Westmead Hospital, Westmead Children’s Hospital, or Westmead Private Hospital.
The refurbishment is funded by the NSW Government and is part of the Integrated Mental Health Complex at Westmead.
For more information, visit the project’s community information page or explore the interactive site map for the latest updates.
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