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New guide for estimating space requirements for hospital departments

New Australasian Health Facility Guidelines (AusHFG) Spatial Benchmarks are now available to support the development of high level area estimates for clinical, clinical support and non-clinical services such as acute inpatient units, medical imaging departments and back of house services.
According to the newly released AusHFG guide for estimating space requirements for common hospital departments or services, a minimum gross departmental area of 51m2 is required per Emergency Department (ED) bay, excluding inter-departmental areas including lifts and engineering requirements.

The benchmarks outline minimum requirements, and support capital project teams in the initial planning stages to inform early cost planning and indicative footprint requirements prior to developing detailed area requirements . They can also be used to advise early investment decisions, as well as site selection and staging strategies.
The AusHFG are developed by the Australasian Health Infrastructure Alliance (AHIA), a collaboration of public health authorities across all Australian jurisdictions and New Zealand, and are administered by NSW Health Infrastructure as the lead agency.

View the guidelines: AusHFG Spatial Benchmarks.
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