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WATCH: Activity Based Working - what is it and how is it helping shape our projects?

Recently our project teams at Westmead and Blacktown have adopted an Activity-Based Working (ABW) approach, and in doing so have become the first office within the public health service in Australia to operate this way.

Activity-Based Working (ABW) is a way of working that allows staff to choose the type of workspace to best suit their needs. Instead of having a set desk for all day-to-day jobs, ABW provides a range of work stations that are purposefully designed for individual tasks, such as open spaces for group work and meetings, or quiet “do not disturb” areas for more focused work.

Ultimately ABW is about giving all staff access to facilities and spaces that enable them to achieve the most in their roles, providing:
  • Enhanced flexibility and freedom for staff
  • Improved communication and collaboration across business units
  • Increased sharing of ideas and knowledge
  • Increased productivity.
We’re proud to see our teams operating out of the Western Sydney Local Health District stand at the forefront of this change.

To find out more about Activity-Based Working and how staff are adapting to it, check out the video below.

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